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Matei Gheorghiu - Doctoral Candidate in Sociology

Wishing to expand its horizons and add a new area of expertise to its team, Orythie is financing sociological research, lead by Matei Gheorghiu. He is completing a Phd on the theme of social change and technical innovation at the IRISSO laboratory of the University of Paris Dauphine.

Also a lecturer at the Universities of Paris Dauphine, Evry Val d'Essonne and Reims in Champagne-Ardenne, Matei has also studied the sociology of work and of organizations after a degree at the EHESS on the process of secondary socialization and activism as a rite of passage to adulthood.

At present, he is investigating collective processes of emergence of cooperative norms at work in the field of new technologies. In order to do so, he has been hired as a researcher within our company and participates in two composite groups pursuing innovation, gathering artists as well as researchers in biology, physics and human sciences.

His practice of qualitative and quantitative survey methods, of teamwork and of document management are a major strength for projects in which the human factor is important.


Actualités :

Matei GHEORGHIU is no longer part of the ORYTHIE company. Nevertheless, some of the following publications would have been made within the framework of his activity within our company, they would therefore not be free of rights. Please contact us to consider a user agreement :

2019 : Livre Blanc des Fablabs français, book coordination following a survey carried out within the framework of the CS RFFLabs with Camille Bosqué and Constance Garnier.

2018 : Doctoral Thesis - " Les réseaux de TPE innovantes, des laboratoires de socialisation politique ? Transition numérique, apprentissage collectif et émergence de normes ".

2018 : Reading note on the book " Makers, enquête sur les laboratoires du changement social " of I. Berrebi-Hoffmann, Marie-Christine Bureau and Michel Lallemant, Seuil, 2018.

2018 : Sociologies Pratiques : Hackerspaces, makerspaces, tiers lieux : entretien introductif (2019).

2018 : Autogestion : Horizon et méthode. Chaper of the book " Autogestion, un état de la question ".

2017 : " Brève histoire de l'impression 3D " : Open source edition for the French Fablabs Network. This article traces the history of the invention of the first numerically controlled machines in the perspective of the macro-economic choices made by the leaders of large French companies at the time of the liberal turn.

2012 - 2016 : Translation of the boof of Thomas Schelling " Strategies of commitment ".

2011 - 2017 : Translations of scientific articles for the journal Chinese Perspectives of CEFC.

2010 - 2012 : Preparatory study for the thesis, following a collective of artists " Elukubr " from its constitution to its dissolution, elaboration of an interview guide, realization of three interview campaigns, path analysis, summary note on the process of coordination & constitution of a group identity.

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