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Valery Hamel - Hydraulic Engineer

Valery Hamel is Engineer, specialized in Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics.

After the beginning of career as a consultant in hydraulics and methods for large companies, such as Total, PSA and Altran, Valery applied his skills as a project director in founding the engineering firm Orythie.

His diverse experiences allow him to manage complex projects in specific areas such as fluid mechanics, acoustics, electronics, informatics (physical and 3D modelling), and ergonomics.

The skills accumulated over many projects have allowed him to be appointed as Judiciary Expert in hydraulics at the Court of Paris and to be also nominated at the Administrative Court of Paris and Versailles. This engagement guarantees his affinity with all the technical, legal and administrative constraints of the field, as well as certain integrity, required by this position.


Valery Hamel is a member of skilled people associations :