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Acoustics and Nuisances

Industrial sites, transportation infrastructure or even our immediate neighbourhood can become sources of noise pollution that must be prevented in order to avoid discomfort and polluting the environment.


In order to control these potential nuisances, Orythie takes acoustic measurements on site or evaluates the sound levels caused during the project phase. Using regulatory and comfort objectives, adapted technical solutions are determined.

In addition, controlling the phenomena of absorption and diffusion of sound waves allows our team of consultants to conceive silencers for electric and thermal machines.

Our team is also competent in carrying out acoustic impact studies, in other words, evaluating the conformity of establishments diffusing amplified music with the law (Decree N°98 1143). The objective of an acoustic impact study is to determine the operational maximal sound level of a place without causing noise problems in the neighbourhood and if necessary, defining the actions to be carried out:

We dispose of the complete range of measuring equipment registered by the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing and write a report following the police prefecture's recommendations.

Frequently studied projects are the following :

The following equipments are systematically considered:

In practice,

Air conditioning system exchangers, often situated on rooftops, can generate vibratory nuisances in the entire building if they are incorrectly installed. [ LA POSTE, Paris, 2008]


Staff canteens are places where acoustic comfort should be especially agreeable in order to ensure pleasant lunch breaks. [ CARREFOUR, Paris, 2009]

To evaluate the conformity of a site with the decree 98-1143 regarding places habitually diffusing music, we carry out acoustic impact studies. { LA BOBINE, Grenoble, 2009]


The objective of an acoustic impact study is to determine the maximum operational sound level of a space and, if necessary, define the actions to be taken (installation and/or regulation of an acoustic limiter, isolation work...)


Noise problems at home can be caused by different types of technical equipment. Here, we studied the ventilators of a bakery's oven and the bread-making machine in Levallois in order to reduce the nuisances endured by neighbours. [ ANGE DES PAINS, Levallois, 2012 ]

Rail infrastructures are a real cause of nuisance to those living near the tracks. [ Logements - France, 2011 ]


The motorisation of an air conditioning or pumping system causes vibrations not only in the structures but also in the fluid. This can give rise to problems for neighbours and/or for the process itself. [ UNEDIC, Paris, 2009 ]