visuel enceinte acoustique

Occyrhoe the carnivore

" Allons cueille, cueille les roses, les roses
Roses de la vie
Et que leurs pétales
Soient la mer étale
De tous les bonheurs "

R. Queneau - Si tu t'imagines

"Go on, pick up, pick up the roses, the roses
Roses of life
And do their petals
Be the pedestal
Of all your delight"

R. Queneau - Just imagine

A plant with a perfume to be savoured by the ears, Occyhroé was conceived to be a permanent blooming. The form of the resulting cone favours the firmness of sound. Like an orchid, Occyrhoé unfolds itself and offers the listener a smooth and perfumed sound.

A progressive roughness causes the layer limiting the move, and the sound waves are displaced on a cushion of air.


Description of the casing

This speaker system is made of terra cotta with a lacquered finish offering layers of roughness. It is supported by a monolithic leg in blue granite.

Occyrhoe is airy and light in its presentation.


Like a flower on its stem, the cone's spiral is suspended and held up by its base.

The support and the cone are in contrast, as much in their curves as in their colours.


Technical characteristics

Occyrhoé is a 2-way speaker with coaxial speakers. The asymmetrical cone fashions the directivity for optimal performances.

The rough surface of the cone at the pass and smoothed towards the exterior creates a limit layer favouring the transmission of energy from the speaker to the listening space.

The bass-reflex bass load increases the admissible power and the bandwidth in the lower spectrum.

The defined characteristics are given for a single element.

Acoustic characteristics

55 - 23.000 Hertz +/-3 dB
Dispersion H x V
140 x 100 degrees
97 dB / Watt at 1 Meter
Maximal power
400 Watts RMS
Maximal sound level
119 dB at 1 Meter
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Number of ways
Treble speaker
Compression 25 milliMeter
Midrange speaker
Compression 45 milliMeter
Bass Speaker
Electrodynamic 300 milliMeter
Bass load principle
Bass-reflex - Exponential vent
Passive or active
Frequencies of filtration
1.200 - 16.000 Hertz
Internal cables and connector
Silver-coated pure copper
Body Material
Ceramic or granite
Dimensions H x W x D
1.2 x 0.6 x 0.7 meter
95 Kilograms

Waterfall in an auditorium

Physical characteristics

Size of a speaker unit
2.1 x 0.7 x 0.7 Mètre
Size of the subwoofer
0.8 x 0.8 x 0.9 Mètre
Céramique hautes performances ou résine
Weight of a speaker unit
75 Kilogrammes
Weight of the subwoofer
82 Kilogrammes