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Drinking Water and Sanitation

Water is essential to life. However, according the World Health Organization, more than 700 million people lack access to an improved source of drinking water and 2.4 billion to improved sanitation.

In this context, Orythie takes part in the fight against the world water crisis.

Our team offers technical assistance in the diagnosis, conception and optimisation of hydraulic systems. We can also contribute by training those involved in projects for the development of access to drinking water and sanitation and by participating in education on good water management practices.

We find simple and sustainable solutions, adapted to the local context and respectful of the environment. We give preference to solutions that create jobs for local people.

The projects concerned involve:

For example :

Several methods of treatment are possible. We will help you choose the most applicable to your project.


In arid regions, it can be useful to recycle greywater, for example, to water plants. [ Mexico, 2010 ]

When no freshwater source is available, the desalination of seawater can provide the water necessary for humans, animals, plants and small industries near the coast.


Harvesting rainwater on one's property gives access to a hitherto little-used resource, while reducing the runoff during storms and thereby contributing to the control of flood and erosion risks.

Do we know how to choose pipes for reasons other than beauty? That's for you to find out ...