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Acoustic engineering

This department of our engineering firm, supervised by an expert acoustic engineer (certified by the Court of Paris), can work with you in any step of a project in which the acoustic dimension is important, whether it be in addressing nuisances, building high environmental quality (HQE) constructions, conceiving spaces specifically dedicated to sound, such as studios or concert halls, or assisting in your applied research.


We are completely independent from any suppliers or other stakeholders, guaranteeing our ability to give you optimal advice in terms of materials and their installation.

Acoustics applied to architecture

We participate in the study and carrying out of architectural projects respecting acoustic regulations, quality and comfort.

The conception of spaces dedicated to sound

Our engineering firm is specialized in the conception of spaces where acoustics are at the heart of the activity: recording studios, cinemas, auditoriums...

Treatment of noise pollution

We characterize the nuisance by taking regulatory measurements on-site and then study and carry out corrective solutions.

Applied research in acoustics

We work with you on feasibility studies and the creation of functional prototypes.