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Renewable Energy

The decrease in fossil-fuel resources, the resulting geopolitical tensions and climatic hazards oblige us to diversify our energy sources in a perspective of economic autonomy.

We propose an assistance in feasibility studies and the application of alternative solutions to classical energy supply for individuals, companies or communities, taking into account available resources and budgets.

A multidisciplinary approach

From feasibility studies; including an evaluation of resources and needs, to the conception and onto the supervision of construction and installation, the projects concerned are of the following types:

For example,

Whenever water flows over a steep slope with a sufficient flow rate, it is possible to consider collecting energy. Evidently, certain points must first be verified.


Wind power seems to be the most accessible as it is the simplest, but obtaining an acceptable efficiency implies following some rules. The form of the blades is a determining factor for efficiency over a large range of wind speeds. [Polynesia, 2001]

Many reasons entail us to imagine exploiting a natural resource; dimensioning the project allows the power available, as well as the investments and maintenance costs to be quantified with certitude.


Constantly exposed to the elements, material ages quickly. Regular maintenance is desirable, but if it is not done, we can carry out a technical diagnosis of your installation in order to orient you towards long-term solutions. [I love this photo!, 2000]

The advantage of renewable energy resources is counterbalanced by their unavailability. It is also desirable to use multiple resources when possible in order to even out the production.