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Hydraulic Engineering

The hydraulic department of Orythie, supervised by a hydraulic engineer also judicial expert at the Court of appeal of Paris, provides advice and expertise covering the entire field: water development projects, environmental risk management, and systems producing renewable energy. Our research and development activity ensures that our knowledge is always up-to-date.

Our hydraulic department's services allow you to find an optimal solution to your problems through the use of the most recent tools and techniques.


Our team is at your service, according to your needs, throughout the different steps of your project, in cooperation with the other participants, as an assistant to the contracting authority or the contractor or as an expert witness.

Our skills do not cover all aspects linked to hydraulics. If needed, we can call upon our partners in orders to complete our expertise in terms of:


We probably started using water's energy to grind grain; today, many applications exist, from the production of electricity to cutting using water jets.


Hydraulics is also about water management. Agriculture is often made possible thanks to irrigation, either to bring the necessary water from another source or to regulate the flow of water throughout the year.

Besides a substrate, water is also a vector. Many processes take place in the aquatic environment. Here, a special machine prepares various mixtures to be used in experiments studying the impact of molecules on plant growth.


Hydraulics is about constructing to live with water, taking into account possible floods, creating boats, projects or structures closely linked to water.