visuel enceinte acoustique

Guasouh faraway horizons

("...) Un matin nous partons, le cerveau plein de flamme,
Le coeur gros de rancune et de désirs amers,

Et nous allons, suivant le rythme de la lame,
Berçant notre infini sur le fini des mers. (...")

C. Baudelaire - L'appel du large

("...) One morning we set out, our brains aflame,
Our hearts full of spleen and bitter desires,

We go, hauled along the rhythm of waves,
Lulling our infinite on the finite of seas (...")

C. Baudelaire - L'appel du large

A turning point of contemporary research in acoustic design, Guasouh possesses surprising characteristics. Two horn loadings erected on an inclined leg, Guasouh is a tireless speaker system that draws out the volumes and diffused majestic and expressive music.


In resistive vents, the back filter contributes as much to the sound balance as to the perceived aesthetics.

Description of the casing

Guasouh recalls the abundance of primal forests, with its tropical fruit allure. This system is available in olive green, laquered with a leg in exotic wood. Other finishes are also possible.

Technical characteristics

Guasouh is a two-way speaker system, the bass load is separated from the treble to limit the transmission of parasitic vibrations between the two transducers.

It is from the side that the lower part of the casing best shows its singular curve.


In terms of support, it is also possible to use alternatives to wood.

The bass-reflex load with a horn load for the bass speaker allows obtaining a balanced and continuous bass as well as a high admissible power.

Letter yourself be carried away by the call from the sea.

The characteristics defined below are given for a single speaker unit.

Acoustic characteristics

55 - 23.000 Hertz +/-3 dB
Dispersion H x V
140 x 100 degrees
97 dB / Watt at 1 Meter
Maximal power
400 Watts RMS
Maximal sound level
119 dB at 1 Meter
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Number of ways
Treble speaker
Compression 25 milliMeter
Midrange speaker
Compression 45 milliMeter
Bass Speaker
Electrodynamic 300 milliMeter
Bass load principle
Bass-reflex - Exponential vent
Passive or active
Frequencies of filtration
1.200 - 16.000 Hertz
Internal cables and connector
Silver-coated pure copper
Body Material
Ceramic or granite
Dimensions H x W x D
1.2 x 0.6 x 0.7 meter
95 Kilograms

Courbe waterfall en auditorium