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Acoustics and Architecture

We provide our services throughout the various steps of construction, collaborating with the conception and building teams.

Movie theater [Ciné 32, Auch, 2012]

In the construction of tertiary spaces, cafeterias, distribution areas, homes, and cultural equipments receiving the public, Orythie assists the project owner and contractor in optimizing the acoustic comfort and meeting the regulatory objectives specific to the project.

Carrying out initial diagnostic acoustic measurements, establishing specifications and calculating acoustic performances as a function of chosen materials allows optimizing the relationship between quality, price and aesthetics.

In addition, Orythie accompanies the owner and companies during the execution phase and for the reception of the projects.


The acoustics of large spaces, particularly the control of the reverberation duration, should be studied in order to provide comfortable and relatively relaxing places where voices are intelligible [Restaurant Sanofi, Paris, 1999].


Each project has specific technical issues. For this restaurant, including a performance space and a floating studio, it was necessary to find acoustic solutions in visual harmony with the expectations of the client and the architects [Petit Bain, Paris, 2012].

Managing noise levels and their propagation in space, here at a centre of simulators (automobiles, airplanes and helicopters), allows to guarantee the quality of the multimedia immersion. [Centre ELLIP6 Surveycopter, Pierrelatte, 2009]


Discussing the performances and finish of materials with the owner and contractors enables us to propose efficient solutions in accord with the project's constraints [Complexe sportif, Belleville sur Mer, 2012].

The recommendations resulting from our studies are chosen in harmony with their performances and the client's expectations.