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Hélène HAMEL - Biochemist

Hélène Hamel has a master's degree (DESS) in Biochemistry Applied to Health and a university diploma in Clinical Research and Development of Medications.

Her previous professional experiences have led her to deepen her knowledge of human physiology and laboratory analysis techniques. Along these lines, she has provided the regulatory and logistic management for several clinical research projects in response to problems proposed by the Minister of Health.

Beyond her regulatory and technical knowledge in the field of public health, she has also developed skills in genomics, food toxicology and analysing how ecosystems function.


This expertise allows us to ensure that we take into account the ecological aspects of water development projects in protected natural sites or, for example, analyze the factors favouring bacteriological proliferation in the development of our prototypes.

In terms of public health research or environmental impact studies, Hélène can ensure: