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Documentation and Knowledge Management

For our clients, we apply simple and complex techniques (data mining, conception...) to concrete projects. The project steps and the documentation are adjusted according to each specific objective.

We use structured, homogenous and chronological documentation.

For instance, when carrying out a study or during the conception of a project, we use a reference framework, produced and addressed to the client using the following form:

Upon request, we can also include the following elements :

The content of the documentation provided for other services is adapted depending on the client's requests and the context of the problem.

We make sure that the specifications are well-defined so as not to leave things to chance, except in cases of an innovation service of applied or fundamental research.

We attach a great importance to creating a glossary in order to be sure the client and the contractor understand the concepts considered.

We can also coordinate the documents for the following steps, corresponding to the various points of validation:

Other types of documentations also exist :

Each element of documentation follows the traceability and information-recording requirements recommended by the ISO quality assurance procedures.

Our methodology and our framework are well-proven but are nevertheless continually improved.