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CAD & 3D

Computer aided design allows us to simulate the behaviour of a system and design it precisely long before its creation.

In particular, when the goal is to create a complicated object or structure, 3D modelling offers a potential for design and virtual experimentation.

Thus, by minimising the number of unfruitful tests, we guarantee you an optimised design time and cost.

To illustrate :

We develop our projects using 3D computer modelling programs, sometimes our own versions with specific and exclusive functions.


A synthetic image is a quick way of showing a client the solutions identified during research or the progression of a project. At the end of the design phase, we can create more realistic images to be included in finalised presentations.

3D CAD offers the possibility of presenting an assembly from any angle and organising the components in order to show an organic and functional description of the object. [Matra, 1999]


Each detail is important to the visual. Here we see the mounting accessories for two shells produced by plastic injection.

The mechanisms are described and listed for a better understanding by those who will fabricate, use or integrate it.