To go further

The conception

To begin with, an aesthetic theme is chosen. This is the first element of the specifications and consists of developing a unique appearance and exceptional technical performances.

Many versions are proposed, some simultaneously and others diachronically. From these ideas, the constraints (materials, acoustic laws, intended use) are successively added, and finally choices and adjustments made.

Various numerical simulations allow refining the forms in order to combine the laws of acoustics and fluid mechanics. They provide an estimation of the characteristics before the fabrication of the actual speaker system.

Models of the acoustic wave propagation are implemented using software specifically designed by our engineers. To obtain the most precise results, calculation times of several days are often necessary.


An innovation often results from the unexpected combination of tools and best practices taken from various domains. Trying to encourage its emergence, we designed our organization as the kingdom of Serendip: it could seem odd at the first glance, but after some time and adventures, new surprises occur that are not only entertaining but often very useful.. For instace, we created algorithms automatically adapting forms to acoustic and fluid mechanical constrains, a method exclusive to Orythie.

Moulding artificial stone and direct cutting allows the creation of free form bodies. This enable us to make complex shapes resulting from an optimisation which proceeds from the implementation of physical laws.